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Laser Hair Removal Certification

Safe For All Skin Tones

About this course

Laser is quickly becoming one of the most requested and successful hair removal methods available in the aesthetics industry. At the Bellas Beauty Academy, students will have the opportunity to work with one of the leading laser hair removal machines available in the aesthetic market; the “Sharp Light” Laser. Permanent hair reduction is achieved by the laser, through an intense heat which disables the hair follicle preventing hair re-growth. The wavelength of the laser can be adjusted according to skin type making laser treatment possible on almost any skin type. The machine has a built in cooling mechanism on the applicator head, which helps to prevent epidermal surface overtreatment, and also aids in anesthetizing the skin surface. Students receive an advanced level of education and comprehension to prepare them to be successful laser hair removal technicians.

    Program Objective:

    Students will be exposed to Laser Hair Removal methods and procedures. The program allows our graduate students to become well qualified and trained with Laser Hair Removal.

      Course Curriculum:

      Our highly trained staff leads you through an informative session on laser hair removal and laser safety. We provide you with knowledge for correctly administering transmitted energy, pulse duration and wavelength prognosis of hair growth.

      • Safety Measures

      • Types of Lasers

      • Hair Growth Stages

      • Skin Analysis with the Fitzpatrick Scale

      • Effects of Laser on the Hair and Skin

      • Drugs that cause Photosensitivity

      • Procedures for Laser Hair Removal

      • Typical reactions and treatment times

      • Contraindications for Laser Treatments

      • Proper and Mandatory Homecare for Laser Hair Removal Treatments.

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