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Relaxation Massage Training Course

Breathe in and relax! This is the course for you to learn the skills of relaxation massage

About this course

This course will provide the individual with the intensive training and massage techniques needed to perform Relaxation Massage. The student will gain knowledge about the body systems and how massage can be beneficial to overall body health, both physically and psychologically. The methods for the massage routine are derived from classical (Swedish) and lymphatic techniques to perform a skilled and relaxing body massage.

    Program Objective:

    Students will be exposed to Reflexology methods and procedures. The program allows our graduate students to become skilled in performing reflexology treatments along with other basic massage techniques.

      Course Curriculum:

      Reflexology Training Our highly trained staff leads you through an informative session in reflexology treatments. We provide you with knowledge for correctly administering reflexology services.

      • Proper Station Set-up

      • Overview of the Body Systems

      • Overview of Superficial Body Muscles

      • Overview of the Lymphatic System

      • Learn about the classical massage movements

      • Learn about lymphatic massage movements

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