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Hair Updo’s Certificate

Learn the lastest hair designs and updo’s

About this course

At Bellas Beauty Academy, the hair updo course structure is designed to focus on both the theoretical and practical aspects of training. You will be trained using demonstrations, and practice on human hair mannequins. Throughout the course, you will practice on real clients under instructor supervision in our very own salon and clinics.

    Program Objective:

    Updo’s are an essential part of any hairstylist’s portfolio. Whether you are looking to work at a salon or thinking of starting your own business, the hair updo’s certificate will serve as an attractive add–on for a potential client or an employer.

      Updo Training:

      Our highly trained staff guides you through an informative session about Updo treatments. We provide knowledge for the correct service of Updo hair.

      • Professional blow dry

      • Roller setting

      • Classic updo’s

      • Bridal updo’s

      • Prom updo’s

      • Long hairstyles

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