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Welcome to Bella’s Beauty Academy – Becoming a professional graduate from Bella’s Beauty Academy, would land you to your dream job in the beauty industry. A career in the beauty industry is about making people look and feel their best. At Bella’s beauty school, we can put you on the right path.

We believe that beauty changes lives. Bella’s Beauty Academy is a unique beauty school with a wide range of programs to give you the education and confidence you need to excel in the world of beauty. At Bella’s Beauty Academy, our instructors understand the talent and the desire within you and make it our responsibility to help you achieve your dreams and aspirations.

Hair styling and Aesthetics schools are established because a large number of people want to know more about it. After having basic knowledge about these basic things, the only thing left is to choose the most suitable institution that knows how to turn every stroke of the brush and comb into a masterpiece.

At Bella’s Beauty Academy, we take the dreams and aspirations of our students seriously. We provide our students with an environment where they can find not only expressions for their own creativity but also learn from others. We always challenge our students and motivate them to excel, their success is our only objective​.


At Bella’s Beauty Academy our course fees includes all books, equipment, and implements required to successfully complete training in our beautiful schools. You will find no hidden costs and no other beauty school that offers so much to benefit you.


The hours you spend at our school working on real clients equips, and prepares you for the industry. Upon graduation you are fully trained and ready to begin working and taking clients immediately, giving you the upper hand in the hiring process.


Each instructor brings a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to help shape your theory and practical training. You will walk away knowing many different techniques and processes because of the superior training each of our instructors bring to you.

Salon Services

Haircut Services


Skin Care

Hair Colour



We offer professional salon services that are always on trend. At Bella’s Beauty Academy, we understand that your hair is your best accessory and that a cut & colour that truly flatters you is a must have. Our stylists receive the highest levels of training and are continually updating their skills with the industry’s top educators to give you the season’s freshest looks.

Certificate Programs

 At our Beauty School we offer programs to provide you with fast track career-based training for fields that are highly in demand in today’s job market. Get ready for a great career!
For rates and availability or more information contact Bella at (905)457-6500.

What Makes us Great?

There are several factors to consider before deciding on which program is right for you.


Don’t waste your time or money on programs that aren’t accredited!

Cost of attendance

Calculate the cost of attendance, and determine whether or not you’ll be able to receive financial aid to offset some of your educational expenses.


You’ll need to find one that is within a close distance to your residence, or you’ll have to consider relocating.

Career assistance

There are many out there that will provide free employment assistance upon graduation.

Versatility/Variety of Courses

Consider what classes are available to you, and determine whether they meet your educational needs.

Class sizes

Whether you prefer smaller or larger class sizes, there are programs out there that will provide the amount of attention you will need to prosper.

Get enrolled today

Enroll with Bella’s Beauty Academy today and become a star in world of beauty. Visit us today and know about our courses, staff and education training procedure​

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