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Medical Aesthetic LP

Certificate Program

About this course

This course involves learning techniques in Advanced medical aesthetics including: administering chemical peel, microdermabrasion and performing laser therapy using an intense pulse light laser machine IPL .

    Program Objective:

    Participants will gain adequate skills to accompaniment their existing practices with aesthetic medical procedures. Medical Aesthetics training can open career opportunities for you to work at many spas and clinics throughout the country! Our program gives you a well-rounded education, providing you with the skills you need, practical experience using those skills, and various spa-life-related training as well.

      Medical Aesthetics Training Course In Toronto:

      Our highly trained staff leads you through an informative session in Medical Aesthetics. We provide you with knowledge for correctly administering Medical Aesthetics services.

      • Chemical Peels

      • Fractional treatments

      • Laser Hair Removal

      • Microdermabrasion

      • Photo Rejuvenation

      • Skin Resurfacing

      • Medical Spa Operations

      • Body Treatments

      • Makeup Application

      • Basic and Advanced Skin Care

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