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Get Certified In Scalp Micropigmentation

Learn The Art Of Smp

Our complete artist training course will teach you everything from how to perform SMP procedures to running your own micropigmentation business.

What You Will Learn

  • Workstation & Equipment Setup
  • Proper Hygiene Procedures
  • Mixing Inks
  • How to Use Your SMP Device
  • Needle Selection
  • Drawing Natural Hairlines
  • Treating Scars & Alopecia
  • Effective Client Consultations

What’s Included

Learn how about hairline drawings for various head shapes.
Get more hands-on experience than other courses in less time.
Practice depth and techniques to avoid bad results.
Learn color choices and different skin types.


Become an SMP artist. Offer Your Clients a life-changing treatment.

At our scalp micropigmentation training academy, the mission is to train the next leaders in scalp micropigmentation. We want our students to combine their newly acquired knowledge with the best parts of their character to become contributing members of the scalp micropigmentation community. We accomplish this mission by providing all of our students with the highest quality, most comprehensive, and meaningful education.

    ⏤Get Trained!⏤

    Ask About Our Training Programs

    ​IS HERE!

    Don’t wait any longer. Now’s the best time to learn the most innovative and newest solution in non-surgical hair loss.

    Learn the foundation of Scalp Micropigmentation and get all the hands on training you need to get you on the path to becoming an amazing SMP technician.

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