Accredited Diploma

Become a Professional Hairstylist

Hairstyling Duration
1500 Hours

Program Objective
The world of hairstyling design is forever changing, fast paced and very exciting, full of variety, challenges and opportunities. A career in hair design requires enthusiasm, energy and a strong basis of knowledge in the fundamentals of hair art, science and design.

Students learn practical hairstyling skills on a mannequin first and then student’s can master it on a live model. Extensive practical training develops confidence in students to be thorough in working on diverse clients.

High School Diploma (or equivalent) or C.A.S.T exam
Fluency in English


Basic Fundamentals
Professional image & ethics, health & safety, principles of infection control & practice, study of the skin, scalp & hair, anatomy & physiology, basic chemistry & electricity, bacteriology, properties of the hair & scalp, sanitation, disinfection & sterilization, shampoo, rinsing & conditioning.

Students learn professional hairstyling techniques like blow-drying, curling iron & straightening in order to keep up and revolutionize today’s looks. Students will also learn wet styling techniques & principles of the hair design.

Provide students with the knowledge of basic hair cutting with shears, razors and clippers on men and women, for long, short and mid length hair

Hair Colouring
Knowledge of colour, basic colour application, foiling, highlighting, low lightening, toning and colour corrective techniques essential for the hairstyling process.

Permanent Waving
Basic wrapping techniques, application of permanent wave solutions, chemical hair relaxing and permanent straightening will be taught at a professional level to students.

Unique approach to long hair design (bridal, formal, etc), up do’s, braiding, hair extensions, wigs & enhancements.

Salon Functions
Salon management, reception skills, retail sales, routine salon functions and customer skills are also taught. Job search, preparation of resumes & interview training.

Your Career Profile as a Hairstylist & Rewarding Opportunities

If you have a passion for hair, you can choose to become a professional Hairstylist. As a professional hairstylist you could opt for only hair cutting and styling or a combination of cutting, styling, colouring, and hair care. The world of hairstyling offers several avenues for a hairstylist. It can be opening one’s own hair salon, working for another stylist, or even entering the field of celebrity hairstyling. The process starts however, at a basic level: earn a Hairstyling Diploma and begin work as either an assistant or a hairstylist at a salon.

After successful completion of Bella’s Hairstyling Diploma program you will be eligible to become a licensed Hairstylist and you can choose from many rewarding career opportunities that suits you the best. The career paths include:

  • Salon and Spa Owner
  • Hairstylist
  • Hair Colour Specialist
  • Hair Designer
  • Celebrity Hair Stylist
  • Fashion Model Hairstylist
  • Hairstyling Instructor
  • Sales and Customer service for hair products
  • Salon Manager
  • Cruise Line Stylist
  • Hairdresser
Scholarship, Financing & Payments Methods

At Bella’s Beauty Academy, we strive to help you find the best suited financing solution to match your unique circumstances. Your Financial Aid options include:

  • Bella’s Beauty Academy 0% interest financing
  • Ontario Second Career Funding
  • Student Line of Credit and Loan by major banks and credit unions
  • RRSP Loan under Life Long Learning Program
  • Registered Education Saving Plan Withdrawal
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)
  • Employment Ontario

Payment MethodsWe accept:

  • Credit cards, Visa and Master
  • Debit Cards
  • Bank Draft or Cheque
  • Cash

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Makeup Artistry Certificate Program

Duration: 20 Hours

This is an established course, providing the individual with the intensive training needed to perform professional makeup applications. The student will gain knowledge about colour techniques, theory, colour combination, colour wheel, application techniques, facial zones & contouring, creative & correctional techniques, traditional & special occasion makeup, bridal makeup.

Microblading Technician Training Program (MTTP)

2 Days Training Program

The Microblading Technician Training Program (MTTP) is a structured approach to teaching the fundamental theory and practical skills necessary to perform the Microblading procedure properly, consistently, and professionally. Students learn and demonstrate competence through a combination of hands-on training, practical skills checks, and full practice applications.

Laser Hair Removal

Duration: 20 Hours

Laser is quickly becoming one of the most requested and successful hair removal methods available in the aesthetics industry. At the Bellas Beauty Academy, students will have the opportunity to work with one of the leading laser hair removal machines available in the aesthetic market; the “Sharp Light” Laser.

Skin Care Training

Duration: 20 Hours

This “hands on” course will train you to become skilled with the practical aspects of facials. You will be provided with a variety of facial treatment plans for the different types of skin and conditions with a focus on facial massage techniques for relaxation and detoxification.

Microdermabrasion Training

Duration: 20 Hours

The Microdermabrasion program is designed to teach the students about the variety of Microdermabrasion treatments available on the market. We teach the students with one of the more popular Microdermabrasion machines in the aesthetics market; the “S.T. Peel”.

Waxing Training

Duration: 20 Hours

This course will provide the individual with the practical training needed to perform waxing treatments. The student will gain knowledge about the hair structure, hair growth patterns, body positioning for waxing services, and proper application/removal procedures.

Photo Rejuvenation Training

Duration: 20 Hours

The photo rejuvenation program (using the Soli-tone Infinite Energy machine) is designed to teach students how to treat a variety of skin concerns, such as pigmentation problems, acne, enlarged pores, mild capillary disorders, and anti-aging treatments.

Nail Technician Course

Duration: 20 Hours

This is an introductory course for artificial nails. Within this program you will learn the basics of applying nail tips, mends/repairs/fills, to the advanced application of overlay enhancements, sculptured French style acrylic nail enhancements and UV Light Gel nails.

Chemical Peels

Duration: 20 Hours

The chemical peel program is designed to teach the students about a variety of chemical peels available on the market, as well as the variety of chemical peel applications. We specifically focus on a glycolic peel system, as it is one of the most frequently used advanced exfoliations.

Relaxation Massage

Duration: 20 Hours

This course will provide the individual with the intensive training needed to perform Relaxational Massage. The student will gain knowledge about the body systems and how massage can be beneficial to overall body health, both physically and psychologically.


Duration: 20 Hours

This course will provide the individual with the intensive training needed to perform Aromatherapy. The student will gain knowledge about essential oils and how they can be beneficial to overall body health, both physically and psychologically.

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