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About This Course

If you have a passion for hair, you can choose to become a professional Hairstylist. As a professional hairstylist you could opt for only hair cutting and styling or a combination of cutting, styling, colouring, and hair care. The world of hairstyling offers several avenues for a hairstylist. It can be opening one’s own hair salon, working for another stylist, or even entering the field of celebrity hairstyling. The process starts however, at a basic level: earn a Hairstyling Diploma and begin work as either an assistant or a hairstylist at a salon.


Program Objective

The world of hairstyling design is forever changing, fast paced, and very exciting, full of variety, challenges, and opportunities. A career in hair design requires enthusiasm, energy, and a strong basis of knowledge in the fundamentals of hair art, science, and design.

Students learn practical hairstyling skills on a mannequin first and then student’s can master it on a live model. Extensive practical training develops confidence in students to be thorough in working on diverse clients.


High School Diploma (or equivalent) or C.A.S.T exam

Fluency in English

Course Curriculum

Hairstyling Course

Hairstyling Course Our highly trained staff leads you through an informative session in hairstyling. We provide you with knowledge for correctly administering Hairstyling services.

  • Basic Fundamentals

  • Hairstyling

  • Hair-cutting

  • Hair Colouring

  • Permanent Waving

  • Specialities

  • Salon Functions

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