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Financial Aid Programs

While some of our students pay cash for their tuition and fees, most of the students who come to the Academy receive some kind of financial assistance

Before you start your program, we can help you to explore the different financing options available to you matching your situation and needs. You may receive the funding for your post-secondary or continuing education from any of the resources outlined below.


Bella’s Beauty Academy provides an interest-free payment if you have no other option available to you. All students are eligible to opt for our funding without any credit check and co-signor requirements. For more information please Call us now at (905) 457-6500 to speak with your Financial Aid Advisor.


Almost all major Canadian Banks and Credit Unions provide student lines of credit and personal loans based on your credit history and availability of guarantors. For more details, please speak with your financial institution or visit following:

We can help you with any document that your financial institution may need from us.


You are allowed to withdraw up to $10,000.00 every year to the maximum of $20,000.00 from RRSP’s for financing your or your spouse’s continuing education. For more details, we encourage you to visit the Canada Revenue Agency website at:


You may use your RESP funds to finance your post secondary education. For more details, please visit the Government of Canada CanLearn website at:


If you are laid off and looking for a new career, you may qualify for the Ontario Government’s Second Career program that will pay for your tuition, books and other expenses to a maximum of $28,000.00 or more every year. For more details , please visit the Ontario Government’s site at:


If you are from provinces outside of Ontario, you may qualify for scholarships, loans, grants and bursaries offered by your provincial student financial aid programs. For checking your provincial programs you may visit the Government of Canada CanLearn website at:


Some employers may offer education benefit packages as part of your employment benefits. In some case, you will need to register in the program first and then your employer will reimburse you for the tuition.

We can help you in this process to get reimbursed for the tuition that you paid by filling out the required forms and applications from your employer.


Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

Payment Methods

Bella’s Beauty Academy accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Pre-authorized Bank Withdrawal
  • Pre-authorized Credit Card Payments
  • All major Credit Cards: Visa & MasterCard
  • Debit Cards
  • Cheques, Bank Drafts or Certified Cheques, Money Orders and Cash

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Where Are We Located?


Where Are We Located?


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Need More Information?


Makeup Artistry Certificate Program

Duration: 20 Hours

This is an established course, providing the individual with the intensive training needed to perform professional makeup applications. The student will gain knowledge about colour techniques, theory, colour combination, colour wheel, application techniques, facial zones & contouring, creative & correctional techniques, traditional & special occasion makeup, bridal makeup.

Microblading Technician Training Program (MTTP)

2 Days Training Program

The Microblading Technician Training Program (MTTP) is a structured approach to teaching the fundamental theory and practical skills necessary to perform the Microblading procedure properly, consistently, and professionally. Students learn and demonstrate competence through a combination of hands-on training, practical skills checks, and full practice applications.

Laser Hair Removal

Duration: 20 Hours

Laser is quickly becoming one of the most requested and successful hair removal methods available in the aesthetics industry. At the Bellas Beauty Academy, students will have the opportunity to work with one of the leading laser hair removal machines available in the aesthetic market; the “Sharp Light” Laser.

Skin Care Training

Duration: 20 Hours

This “hands on” course will train you to become skilled with the practical aspects of facials. You will be provided with a variety of facial treatment plans for the different types of skin and conditions with a focus on facial massage techniques for relaxation and detoxification.

Microdermabrasion Training

Duration: 20 Hours

The Microdermabrasion program is designed to teach the students about the variety of Microdermabrasion treatments available on the market. We teach the students with one of the more popular Microdermabrasion machines in the aesthetics market; the “S.T. Peel”.

Waxing Training

Duration: 20 Hours

This course will provide the individual with the practical training needed to perform waxing treatments. The student will gain knowledge about the hair structure, hair growth patterns, body positioning for waxing services, and proper application/removal procedures.

Photo Rejuvenation Training

Duration: 20 Hours

The photo rejuvenation program (using the Soli-tone Infinite Energy machine) is designed to teach students how to treat a variety of skin concerns, such as pigmentation problems, acne, enlarged pores, mild capillary disorders, and anti-aging treatments.

Nail Technician Course

Duration: 20 Hours

This is an introductory course for artificial nails. Within this program you will learn the basics of applying nail tips, mends/repairs/fills, to the advanced application of overlay enhancements, sculptured French style acrylic nail enhancements and UV Light Gel nails.

Chemical Peels

Duration: 20 Hours

The chemical peel program is designed to teach the students about a variety of chemical peels available on the market, as well as the variety of chemical peel applications. We specifically focus on a glycolic peel system, as it is one of the most frequently used advanced exfoliations.

Relaxation Massage

Duration: 20 Hours

This course will provide the individual with the intensive training needed to perform Relaxational Massage. The student will gain knowledge about the body systems and how massage can be beneficial to overall body health, both physically and psychologically.


Duration: 20 Hours

This course will provide the individual with the intensive training needed to perform Aromatherapy. The student will gain knowledge about essential oils and how they can be beneficial to overall body health, both physically and psychologically.

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